Why Choosing Us ?

A modern customer-oriented company, serving Soaps for all skin types.

Our Aim

We are a newbie that came into being in the year 2018. So, as a newly formed company, we are aiming at becoming the most dynamic, trusted and liked companies in the Indian market for our quality collection of soaps and fast delivery services.

Quality Speaks For Originality

An original product is surely quality based and there is no denying in this fact. Quality products need no introduction. Only one time use is enough to gain knowledge of product's quality.
Why Choosing Us ?

Welcome to PR Group Of India

A modern customer-oriented company, serving Chemical Free Soap, Clay Soap, Sandal Soap, Handmade Soaps, Fragrance Soaps for all skin types.

About Us

Maintaining personal hygiene is important to stay fit, healthy and free from infections. The main product that maintains personal hygiene perfectly is soap. Soap comes in large varieties, for different skin types and many fragrances. Making a wide variety of soaps available in the Indian market is how our company is helping masses in maintaining their personal hygiene. Our company, PR Group Of India, is a 2018 established company and a major part of channel dealers that is working in the Indian Industry as a supplier and trader. Our company is one of the promising companies in India as it is making available quality based soaps like Chemical Free Soap, Clay Soap, Bath Soap, Beauty Bath Soap, Sandal Soap, Assure Soap, Handmade Soap, Fairness Soap, Cream Soap and Hair Soap. Our soaps are available in not only many fragrances but also in numerous packs. All our soaps are a unique blend of high quality ingredients, which protect, disinfect and refresh the skin making users feel fresh all day long.

"We Deal in Maharashtra Only"
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